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Full text of "The New York Bakeshop Act of 1895"

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CJriap. 518. 

AN ACT to regulate the manufacture of flour and meal food 


Became a law May 8, 1805, with tho approval of tho Governor. Passed ( 
throe-fifths beiiifj present. 

The People of the State of JVew York, rqrresented in Senate 
and Assembly, do enact as follows: 

Section 1. No employe shall be required, permitted or suffered a^oan- 
to work in a biscuH, bread or cake bakery or confectionery eslab- J^i/lsi? 
lislunont more than sixty hours Ln any one week, or more than woriii? 

J J hours In. 

ten hours in any one day, unless for the purpose of making a 
shorter work day on the last day of the week, nor more hours 
in any one weeif than will make an average of ten hours per 
day for the whole number of days in which such person shall 
60 work during such week. 

§ 2. All buildintrs occupied as a biscuit, bread or cake bakeries oraina«i 
shall be drained and plumbed in a manner to oonduce to the ta 8- 
proper and healthful sanilary condilion thereof, as the factory, 
inspector or any of his deputies shall direct 

§ 3. Every room used for the manufacture of flour or meal ^^J^' 
food products shall have, if deemed necessary by the factory ^^rl' 
inspector, an impermeable floor constructed of cement or or 
tiles laid in ccnienl, with an additional flooring, or of wood prop- 
erly saturated with linseed oil. The side walls and ceilings of 
such rooiuii shall be plastered or wainscoted, and if required 
by the factory inspector or a deputy factory inspector, shall be 
whitewashed at least once in three months. The furniture and 
utensils in such rooms shall be so arranged that the furniture 
and floor may at all time3 be kept iu a proper and healthful 
sanitary and clean condition. 

§ 4. The manufactured flour or meal food products shall be rroduc «, 

1 how Ui'jn. 

kept in perfectly dry and airy rooms, so arranged that the floors, 

shelves and all other facilities for storing the same can be easily 

and perfectly cleaned. 

§ 5. Every such bakery shall be provided with a proper wash- Wo^h- ^ 

room and water-closet or closets, apart from the bakeroom orJ^ r ' el0B " 

rooms where the manufacturing of such food produota is con- 



[Vol. I. 

3ucted; and no water-closet, earth-close^ privy or ash-pit shall 
be within or communicate directly with the bakeroom of any 
bakery, hotel or public restaurant. 

piaoclT' 1 § Q' ^- u0 seeping places for the persons employed in a bakery 
shall be separate from the room or rooms where flour or meal 
food products are manufactured or stored. 

Mt,'o"o.' lof § 1- Any person who violates any of the provisions of this 
act, or refuses to comply with any requirement of the factory 
inspector or a deputy factory inspector, as provided herein, shalf 
be guilty of a misdemeanor, and on conviction shall be punished 
by a fine of not less than twenty or more than fifty dollars for 
a first offense, and not less than fifty nor more than one hun- 
dred dollars for a second offense, or imprisonment for not more 
than ten days, and for a third offense by a ilne of not less than 
two hundred and fifty dollars and not more than thirty days' 

d« d pu"y nAl § ^' P ur P 0S e of enforcing this act and of chapter four 

Stroctors. hundred and uine of the Iav>B of eighteen hundred and eighty-six, 
'and acts amendatory thereof, the factory inspector may appoint 
four additional deputies, each of whom shall receive an annual 
salary of one thousand two hundred dollars, together with his 
necessary traveling and other expeuses incurred in discharging 
the duties of his oflice, payable monthly by the treasurer on the 
warrant of the comptroller, upon proper vouchers approved by 

S^akBrief * nL ' f aotorv inspector. Under the direotion of Jfce factory 
" inspector, such deputies shall inspect all bakeries and see that 
the provisions of this act and of chapter four hundred and nine 
of the laws of eighteen hundred and eighty-six, and the acts 

row -ra nui amendatory thereof, are observed therein. Such deputies shall 


have all the powers and duties of the deputy inspectors and shall 
be amenable to the supervision and control of the factory 
Inspector the same as the deputy factory inspectors appointed 
under chapter four hundred and nine of the laws of eighteen 
hundred and eighty-six, and the acts amendatory thereof. 

*BM P wiih § ^* ^ UC 0WIier > agent or lessee of any property affected by the 
sodas, provisions of sections two, three or five of this act shall, within 

sixty days after the service of a notice requiring any alterations 
Notices, to be made in or upon such premises, comply therewith, and 
uidBcrvod. such notice shall be in writing and may be served upon such 

owner, agent or lessee, either personally or by mail, and a notice 


mailed to the last known address of such, owner, agent or leaaea 
shall be deemed sufficient for the purposes of this aoU 
§ 10. This act shall lake effect immediately.